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Welcome to Specialist Medicine Toowoomba

Our Aim is to provide
High quality Specialist General Physician care to the region. Our mission is to improve your ‘whole person’ health, delivering expertise in managing a broad range of acute and chronic health problems.
Expertise in managing health conditions in older people .....


Dr Manuprabha Ratnayake

 Specialist General Physician.


Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (University of Melbourne), Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians

Dr Shilpa Nadahalli


MD, Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians

What is a General Physician?

A General Physician is Medical Specialist trained in a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic skills. 


The role of a General Physician is diagnosis and management of problems that are complex and difficult.


What is A

A geriatrician is a doctor with specialist training in caring for the health of older people (geriatric medicine).


They diagnose and treat age-related medical conditions.

With over 15 years’ experience in medicine, Dr Nadahalli is passionate about delivering quality care to the elderly.  She undertook her Geriatrician training at Westmead and Hornsby hospitals in Sydney.  She has extensive experience in Geriatrics, having also worked in New Zealand, NSW, ACT and QLD.

Dr Nadahalli is a very compassionate, fair, diligent, assiduous, dedicated, Physician and is avid about providing personalized/individualised holistic, evidence-based care to the aging population of Toowoomba and surrounding regions.

Dr Nadahalli has expertise experience in all aspects of acute and non-acute geriatric care including -
Preoperative assessments and perioperative care.
Comprehensive geriatric assessments/cognitive assessments.
Falls management and fall prevention.
Assessment, mitigation of risks and management of delirium.
Medication management/assessment of polypharmacy.


Parkinson’s disease, other geriatric syndromes, geriatric outpatients, geriatric inpatients

Dr Nadahalli offers inpatient care at both St. Vincent’s Private Hospital Toowoomba and St. Andrew’s Hospital Toowoomba.
Outpatient services for new GP referred patients and patients discharged from her care in hospital for follow up are available at private consulting rooms (Suite 12) at Vincent’s Private Hospital. 
She _________________ Community care, including in-home visits and consultations at Nursing Homes . . . upon request/referral from the patients regular GP   

Dr Nadahalli can accommodate urgent appointments.



An electric tracing of your heart is important if you have a chest complaint, especially chest pain or palpitations (heavy, fast or irregular heart beat) occurs


This is used as a basic test in Doctor’s rooms if you are likely to have breathing problems due to Asthma or smoking related lung disease. 

Exercise Test 

Exercise tests are performed for multiple reasons including assessment of chest pain, palpitations, breathlessness and fitness for work.

Holter Monitoring

When palpitations, dizziness fainting and loss of consciousness occur, heart rhythm needs to be investigated, preferably, in one’s usual environment.


Blood pressure changes due to circumstances. Some patients’ blood pressure increased when visiting the Doctor 

Tilt Table Test

Fainting and dizziness, palpitations occur due to multiple reasons. It is important to rule out heart or brain disorders as the cause. 

Inpatient Care

When palpitations, dizziness fainting and loss of consciousness occur, heart rhythm needs to be investigated, preferably, in one’s usual environment.

Outpatient Appointments

Blood pressure changes due to circumstances. 

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