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Out-patient appointments


Out-patient appointments 

A GP referral is required for your first consultation.

New patient appointments will be allocated as soon as possible depending on the urgency indicated by the referring Doctor and assessment of referral by Dr Ratnayake.

The Initial appointment will include taking a thorough medical history from you or the family, performing a physical examination according to your health complaint, review of past medical history from available information, discussion with the referring doctors, ordering the investigations that are needed and talking to about the diagnosis, plan of investigation and treatment. The time allocated is 45 minutes. 

Follow up appointment time allocated is 15 minutes.

The purpose of a follow up appointment is to discuss investigations ordered during a past consultation or to see how you progress with the complaint already discussed/investigated.

Again, a letter will be generated If you need to discuss a new issue, you may need another long consultation like the Initial Appointment, as the Doctor needs to go through the diagnostic process at depth again and arrange the relevant investigations and management. Please note that Medicare rebate for a long appointment in these circumstances will require a new referral from your GP.

If you need forms to be filled out by the Doctor for health, legal, work or other reasons, a Follow up appointment may not provide adequate time. Please let the Reception know such matters need to be done, so that the appropriate length of time is allocated to the appointment.

After each consultation, a detailed letter with a medical summary and the plan of management is prepared and sent to the referring doctors and your GP. If information needs to be sent to another Health Professional, you can discuss it with Dr Ratnayake and give details of the recipient to the Reception. The Pathology results Dr Ratnayake requests can be copied to other Health Professionals on your request.


Please inform the reception if this needs to be done. 



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