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Inpatient Care 


Inpatient Care 

Dr Ratnayake will admit you to St. Vincent’s Hospital (SVH), Toowoomba or St. Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital (SATH) if your level of health needs admission to hospital. Your General Practitioner can directly request Dr Ratnayake to arrange admission to either of these hospitals and look after your throughout the admission. Following discharge, outpatient follow up can be arranged until the investigation and treatment of your health problem is complete. 

Admission to these hospital can also be through the Emergency Centre of St. Vincent’s Hospital. The Doctors who see you at Emergency Centre can contact Dr Ratnayake and request care for you as a Inpatient. 

If you initially had to be admitted to a Public Hospital and are willing to be transferred to a Private Hospital, your Medical team can contact Dr Ratnayake and arrange transfer to SVH or SATH. 

If you are having surgery or treatment under another Specialist in one of these hospitals and you need a Medical Specialist involved in your treatment, Dr Ratnayake is able to see you during the admission.



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