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Appointments, Reminders & Fees

To make an appointment please phone the office on 07 4632 3442. This may seem a little old fashion but there are several reasons why a more personal approach is preferred. The phone call provides opportunity to discuss location instructions, referral instructions, follow up tests, fee details, etc.,

A confirmation call will generally be made one working day before your appointment.

A letter with details can be sent as confirmation and reminder.

The nature of Dr Ratnayake’s work sometimes means being called urgently to patients already in hospital. On these occasions, where possible the office will advise that Doctor is run late. Please feel free to phone to check ahead of your appointment time.

Outpatient consulting fees are very reasonable within the field. Payment is required on the day of consultation. Medicare will cover a large portion of the specialist consultation fee when a valid referral from a general practitioner or specialist in place. Provided your bank account details are registered with Medicare we can submit the claim electronically for you. In which case the Medicare benefit will be refunded to your bank account within 48 hours.

Department of Veterans Affairs patients are billed directly via DVA.

Inpatient consulting fees will be billed directly to your Health Fund and completely covered leaving no out of pocket for services provided by Dr Ratnayake.


Telehealth Appointments

If distance or mobility is an issue a follow up telehealth appointment can be scheduled. The patient needs to contact GP practice to arrange suitable date and time options. That needs to also align with Dr Ratnayake’s schedule and be confirmed with our office. 



Call us for book an appointment

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